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bezoar, hog bezoar, and monkey bezoar " I As concretions of one
kind or another are not uncommon objects in the alimentary
tract of mammals it was easy enough to obtain a fair amount of
some substance which was sure to sell well. It is said that a
stone weighing four ounces was once sold in this country (or at
any rate in Europe) for 200.

" There can be no doubt," observes Mr. Blanford, *' that
C. aegagrus is one of the species, and probably the principal, from
which tame goats are derived."

The Chamois (Mupricapra) and the Goral {Ne-morrhaedus) are

176.  Japanese Goat Antelope*    Nem^yrrhciedus crtspus.


described as Goat-like Antelopes ; but, as already said, it is
to   srplit  trp   ttie   Bovidae   satisfactorily.  .   The   Kocky
lloafc, IFcvploceros montanws, is a large Goat-like creature,